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Nine Reasons a Food Tour on Catalina is a Perfect Romantic Gift

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It’s always time for romance on the Island of Romance. From moonlight walks along Avalon’s picturesque waterfront to elaborate weddings in the Casino Ballroom, couples have been making Catalina a destination for romance for more than a century. And while Valentine’s Day is the traditional day for love, why limit yourself to just one day or just one month, when a perfect romantic getaway is always waiting on Catalina. Need a romantic gift? Surprise your sweetie with a gift certificate for a Catalina Food Tour. Here are nine reasons a food tour on Catalina is a perfect romantic gift.

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  1. You get to eat. Tempt your taste buds and each other with an array of culinary creations, from sweet to savory and from steak to seafood. This walking tour along the waterfront and through the streets of Avalon will bring you to several different dining destinations where you’ll get a chance to sample some of the best eats in town.
  2. You’ll learn something new about the island. A food tour on Catalina Island is much more than just a chance to taste great food – although there’s plenty of that. You’ll also learn about Catalina history and culture.
  3. You’ll learn something new about each other – and even yourself. There’s nothing like trying something new together to bring you closer together. New places, new experiences and new tastes let you explore your partner’s likes and loves as well as your own.
  4. There’s dessert involved. Let’s face it, dessert and romance go together like, well, wine and roses. And a food tour on Catalina involves dessert: several sweet bites of dessert as a matter of fact.
  5. It’s inspiring. The Catalina Food Tour will introduce you both to the passions that inspired Avalon’s unique food scene. From woman entrepreneurs to multi-generational businesses, these stories speak to the vision that created a culinary landscape.
  6. It’s easy! A promise of a future food tour is just a click away, thanks to the virtual gift certificates available by clicking here. Let your lover know that they’ll be transported to the Island of Romance, either as part of an unforgettable day trip to Catalina or as part of multi-day getaway from the everyday.
  7. It’s not just about the food. Our guides love the island and know it like no one else. They will share stories and fun facts that will enhance your understanding of this unique destination.
  8. There are cocktails involved. There are a few adult beverages served on the Catalina Food Tour, including a visit to Avalon’s most famous dive bar. You’ll get to try several cocktails sure to loosen up any inhibitions.
  9. The fun continues even after your tour. When your tour concludes you’ll get a guidebook with exclusive coupons to Avalon’s top eateries. Plus, you’ll be inspired to return to Avalon’s top spots for dinner, drinks or dessert.

Ready to give the gift of romance with a Catalina Food Tour? Click here to book your tour today.

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